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Meet Our Partners and Friends!


Red River Coffee Co. is more than "just a coffee shop"!

We proudly feature the work of local artists and creators to provide

our neighborhood with creative, one-of-a-kind art pieces and gifts.

Click on their names to see more of their work:

Little Bird Handmade

Little Bird Handmade began a couple of cold winters ago when we hosted childcare at our house. We needed to keep hands and minds busy, so we started sewing, building, painting, paper mache, and weaving. As the kids have grown, we've had more practice and gained more skills, the projects have changed. It's very powerful to turn an idea into something useful or enjoyable.

Krista Ulrich followed her creative muse and began

designing jewelry in 2006. Krista is heavily inspired

by nature and uses pearls, glass, clay, shells, wood,

crystal and semi-precious stones in her work.


Krista's vision is to create simple, timeless, and afford-

able jewelry that appeals to a variety of women, with the

goal of creating jewelry that can transition well and be

wardrobe staples. Krista resides in south Fargo with her

husband and four cats. When she's not making jewelry,

she loves to socialize, exercise, and cook great food.

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